​Design and Construction are an age old art.  The newest form of expression in this field is that of adaptive reuse and recycling.  We are doing our part by focusing on the reuse and repurposing of shipping containers.  The basis of this is their strength and stability.  Our creative process involves many finishes, and treatments so that the structure can look industrial - like a shipping container - or clad with many finishes that can make it look like traditional architecture.  

A contemporary look is sought after in Shipping Container Homes.  We design them.  From tiny houses using on 20' container to multi level - multi featured homes of thousands of square feet.  The larger homes typically are shipping containers stacked, layered and turned to create interesting shapes and structures.  They can be elegantly appointed with beautiful finishes and alot of glass.  Most are so embellished that the shipping container look is long gone.  

These structures focused on are independent ones.  They hold their own design wise.  They are designed for the user and created with their purposes in mind.

Come join us on a fun journey of experimentation and fun.  And the best news is that they are NOT expensive.  

Contact us at clc@designpriorities  614 746 9182 

We can ship it ready for you to install.  Or we can do all of the site work, and set the structure in place ready for you to move in.

We do this worldwide.  We do this everywhere.

We work with local boards and commissions to get permits and local approvals.  Our foundations are rated for local conditions.  Our utilities are licensed locally to fit your municipality.   Let us dazzle you!

A division of Christy Collection International Inc. since 1981. 

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​Our Small Structures division - Creating additional spaces for work or play

Located in South Carolina - serving the World.

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