Our quality and customer service cannot be matched in the Myrtle Beach Area.

We can build on any site, and work with any budget.

We have a current sale going that sells a complete pool - an oval - 18' x 24' 

for $399.00     Including a pool ladder, pool cleaner, pump, installed and complete.

This special deal will not last!

Don't miss this pool season.   Your family will enjoy your backyard with good clean fun.   Children that swim are safe children on boats and on the beach.   

Knowing where your children are and being able to host fun family friendly activities

is a very important reason why people own a pool.

Swimming is rated as the very best exercise for all ages.   

Our water in our Midline and Classic pool is cleaned with an Ionic system - and is chemical free - chlorine free.   No burning eyes, no itching skin, no bleached out bathing suits.   Chlorine is a dangerous chemical and easily absorbed by the body.  This known carcinogen can cause respiratory problems, and cancer.  STOP BLEACHING YOUR KIDS!   Join us in the healthiest was to swim.   Like swimming in bottled water.   Clean, clear and no maintenance.   All of our pool come with a pool cleaner / vacuum.   We want you enjoying your pool, not cleaning it.   

Text us, call us, or email us.   We will set up a meeting to show you how your backyard can be transformed!

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